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Vet Record Careers archive


The only way is ethics
Working as a wildlife artist
A fascination with pharma
Embarking on a surgical internship
Clarifying specialist status
A career in government service and in international consultancy
Veterinary Forensics: More than 'Animal CSI'
Enjoying the company of healthy animals
Developing an interest in behaviour
Working on the wild side
Working with animals to help people
A residency in veterinary pathology
From vet degree to vice-president of R&D
A life with deer
Pathology in Perspective
Ovine medicine - SVS invites you to talk Sheep
A career in pharmaceuticals
Conservation through public health
A career in government service
A residency in Equine clinical epidemiology
From Private Practice to University
From a veterinary degree to FRS
Research as a veterinary career
Working as a locum
A vet at the races
A rewarding career in basic medical research
A recent graduate in industry

How to get your next job

Finding the right first job
Preparing a CV
Get your job offer in writing
Writing a good letter
Preparing for an interview
First interviews
Avoiding misunderstandings in recruitment

Pay, Conditions and Practice

Veterinary Care 24/7
Entitled to sick leave?
Long-term sickness and disability
Employment contracts
Time off and holidays
Guidance and support for mental wellbeing
Overcoming loneliness or feelings of isolation in your first job
How to handle references
Pensions for the under-30s
Managing mergers
Entering a corporate partnership


Retirement? It's wasted on the elderly
Retirement, four years on
Choosing when to retire

Professional Development

Qualified abroad and working in the UK
Online learning for veterinary nurses
A journey from animal health to human health
Developing an interest in wildlife
Making good use of statistics
Writing a grant proposal
Studying while working
Clinical research projects in practice
A masters course in 'One Health'
Time to learn business
Lectures in the living room
Evolution of the CertAVP
Tips for success in the CertAVP
Training for a career in laboratory animal medicine
Embarking on an internship
Hatching scientists
Students contribute at EU level
Online tool helps students prepare for EMS
Veterinary Business Management Association
A loan for learning
Building a certificate
Time to train?
Thinking globally
Opening new doors
PDP three years on
Communication - a skill that needs to be acquired
Riders on Tour
Achieving CPD targets
Boosting leadership skills
Students face up to a Dragons' Den
Getting experience on the hoof
Moving from mixed to large animal practice
Communication matters

Working Overseas

Life as a UK vet student in Budapest
Studying veterinary medicine in Hungary
Globetrotting as part of an equine career
Working for the SPCA in Fiji
Working Abroad
Working in Europe
Working for the Gambian horse and donkey trust
Gaining experience abroad
Pursuing zoo veterinary work via the usa

Ten Minute Chats

Rifle shooter
Representative on the BVA Council
Consultant to the Veterinary Defence Society
Director of Veterinary Benevolent Fund
Veterinary director of dogs trust
RCVS Postgraduate Dean
Veterinary consultant in marine life rescue
Director of AMCRS
Director Of Companion Care
Falkland Islands' Senior Veterinary Officer
Consultant to the Pharmaceutical Industry
Specialist in developing country issues
MD of Pet Vaccination
Senior Veterinary Surgeon at the PDSA
Deputy Chief Veterinary Officer for DARDNI
Canine Blood Banking
President of an EU poultry vet group
Adviser to the WSPA
Researcher and veterinary epidemiologist
Director of veterinary services at the donkey sanctuary
President of BEVA
Third year vet student
Specialist in rabbit medicine and surgery
Private secretary to the secretary of state for Scotland
A vet turned barrister
Ex-president of the BSAVA